Environmental Problems in Edo State


Edo State has been faced with the problem of erosion and environmental degradation resulting from: 

  1. Development without adequate planning or provision of services,
  2. Heavy tropical rainfall
  3. Natural drainage routes obstructed with no space for green belts or pounding areas,
  4. Deep soils prone to severe erosion and blocked road drainages
  5. Historic moats overgrown and blocked,

Some causes of erosion in the state are:

  1. Drainage construction without studies and Master plans
  2. Uncoordinated implementation of infrastructure development (roads not integrating with drainage – working in silos)
  3. Inadequate budgetary provision
  4. Selective drainage construction and management rather than holistic approach
  5. Improper termination of drains and water course of major projects
  6. Deforestation through felling of trees and de-reservation
  7. Wrong methods of farming; bush burning, clean weeding, mono cropping, farm ridges along the slopes, use of heavy tractors to cultivate soil etc.
  8. Uncontrolled quarrying on hill slopes and improper closure of mined sites.
  9. Blocking of run-off routes such as drains and moats.
  10. Construction of inadequate (undersized) drains.
  11. Improper land use and non-adherence to land use regulations
  12. Absence of maintenance culture